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hey wanna hear a joke

well too bad someone on tumblr might take it seriously 

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Bitches be irritatin me left nd right finally over nd done with it

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wow ok i’m so physically attracted to nath it actually hurts. 

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‘Welcome to West Field Boarding School & College, located in Phoenix, is known as the school for the brilliant. It’s also well known for all for respectful students that attend and how they are kind, bright and well mannered. Everyone here are the most delightful group of people that there could be. The teachers are the best in the country and the students are wonderful as they treat the teachers and school with respect.’
That’s what the parents think at least. West Field may be one of the most popular boarding schools around but it surely isn’t the greatest. Maybe some of the students are great but it’s hard to find one of them as a majority of them are the opposite. They drink, they have sex, they break the school rules, they’re immature, and they have affairs and treat their teachers like a piece of shit. Some teachers take it, but some show the students how they should act.
The school accepts some pretty messed up people, but they don’t suspect a thing. It is filled almost every type of person: kind, bitchy, stupid, smart, you name it! Some are even insane. People with all sorts of backgrounds attend the school; something has got to happen sooner or later. Especially with all the secrets that are floating around. You can never be too careful with who you trust or what you say, you never know who’s hiding round the corner listening to every word that come out of your mouth. Could you fit in at West Field Boarding School?



Nathan Sykes as Louis Stone
Evan Peters as Keegan Hunter
Cory Monteith as Michael Sheppard
Max Irons as Noah Southall
Josh Hutcherson as Liam Stevens
Grant Gustin as Daniel Owens
Liam Payne as Callum Barns
Johnny Depp as Simon Sullivan
Ed Westwick as Alex Green
Niall Horan as Christopher Murphy
Chris Zylka as Matthew Evans
Hunter Parrish as Logan Harris
Joe Jonas as Andrew Noels
Zac Efron as Kyle Devereux


Jessica Parker Kennedy as Amy Keith
Britt Robertson as Jane Hunter
Candice Swanepoel as Joelle Fontaine
Barbara Palvin as Avery Parsons
Phoebe Tonkin as Piper Hayes
Eleanor Calder as Addison ‘Addie’ Miller
Georgie Henley as Lucy Southall
Shay Mitchell as Clara Nelson
Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen as Ashley Cade
Miranda Kerr as Bailey Johnson
Ariana Grande as Brooke Johnson
Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen as Charlotte Witherspoon
Emma Roberts as Meg Ables
Hayden Panettiere as Lucia Harbour
Mila Kunis as Sara Jones
Kristen Bell as Caitlin Smith
Ashley Benson as Madeline Devereux
Pixie Lott as Eve Gibson
Taylor Swift as Summer Anderson

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All fall down